Reviews for "Perdition"

Great game, it really shows you putted an effort on making this. For that, I give you 5 stars. I just want to know how do I go through the gate?

Carrill responds:

You mean the gate that's located in the bottom of the tower area?

If it's that one, climb the tower to claim the inverted cross. You'll be teleported back down. After that, you'll need to go to the lowest level of the area to progress.

Like the graphics, get's pretty difficult, but I can manage.

I can think of only two other games ever created that had the kind of depth and meaning sewn so deeply into them as this game, even the gameplay is creative and exciting, as you struggle to understand what you are truly doing, and just what is truly the right thing to do for yourself. and the others, trapped in this strange decaying world. I truly hope for more experiences like this one in the future.

Since I dont know how to make games I can't even understand how much work it takes to make a game like this so if you think this is a great game then I would have to take your word for it. I will say though it took too long to get going, you cant just expect someone to be ok with jumping platforms for half an hour ok not everyone has a P.H.D. in platform jumping. If it werent for the compelling premise I woulda probably quit after the first few times I died but I had to keep playing. I didnt care to finish the game though but Im not really a strong willed gamer so nice work for getting someone like me to even play a game like this though I regret how much time I spent playing it. Still though, well done.

the game is so complex and unique but the graphics tho so cute . i expected more but great game i enjoyed it.