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Reviews for "Perdition"

This is one of the few flash games that have such a interesting and complex story.For anyone who didn't get the symbolisms,it's about Genesis(God and Devil,Eve and so on)in a futuristic apocalypse(correct if I'm wrong).You did a fine work with this game and I expect to see even better stuff from you next time!!Keep it up!!! I was going for the Hope for the Future ending but I ended up(because I killed accidentally one android)with the Seduced....Fooled.I got it on my second run though(maybe let the player choose when to save,thus he'll save time).Again,awesome work.Maybe next time add more gameplay to it.Not that it really matters if the story is so good.You balanced story and gameplay quite well.

This reminds me of a couple games made by Amon26

This game is genius... well I mean, its concept. The first try I got the "tricked" ending and that was quite a surprise, I believed that this was another game with a "good ally" and a "bad villain" but... no.

The plot is so good that it can even help the player to understand a little about himself.

BTW the game has bugs, not many, you can play even with them on action... and the graphics are really good, good job and thanks.

I love this game so much. I just want to know if i can defeat Godami QwQ

This game is excellent, along with a great plot and unique graphics it definitely stands up to its description! I loved and this game deserves higher ratings. One of the best games on this site in my opinion.