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Reviews for "Perdition"

Poor level design that forces guesswork and backtracking, unresponsive controls and i haven't seen level art this ugly since ABUSE...though i suppose that one was deliberate.
Don't let this game fool you with it's artsy nonsense, it is just a crappy platformer.
The idea has been done many times before and better, Avoid!

really really great game I only wish it could be played with WASD, but still pretty good

The plot and characters of the story are really good, but the game it self can be a bit frustrating at times. [Could just be me, since I'm playing it at a really late time and I'm tired.] But I like frustrating games, because they keep me into it. I like the art; the music and sound affects are very appealing. All around a good game.

3/5 enjoyed but would not play again soz

My review isn't going to be helpful, but this is such an amazing game, you totally nailed it. I just need to finish the other endings now (I finished the true ending) :D.