Reviews for "Perdition"

Really enjoyed this. Decided to give this a whirl last Saturday night and ended up going to bed after four in the morning. It's seldom now that I do late nighters but I just had to keep playing this. Excellent game. Very atmospheric.

Excellent game, interesting dynamic, nice setting, great music.

This game started really nice with the idea of choosing between being obedient and safe or rebel and fight, and then had a nice religious twist. Really fun!

The inspiration coming from Amon26's Gyossait is plain visible. Heck, even gameplay mechanics and some graphics call that out loud, even characters! And that's an absolutely fine thing.

I personally love all that dark pixel art in this game. There's nothing more atmospheric than this everlasting feeling of helplessness, further induced by beautifully depicted scenery gorn and other, equally magnificient audiovisual experiences.

Color palette is well-picked, characters are designed minimally, yet properly. Game is very enjoyable, plays just like Gyossait, and believe me, it plays too good.

It was really good, at least for what I saw for as far as I could get before a bug had happen with the platforms, I had tried to jump onto one of those platforms you can jump up through and land on, and I glitched into one of the walls only shortly after getting the sword and even though it is really nice, i really do not want to go through all that again just to worry it might happen again. I hope you can get this fixed.