Reviews for "Perdition"

getting the disobey achivemetnt is way too hard

Carrill responds:

You probably missed a command.

Just for guidance, there are three commands to disobey in the level where you first meet Gomadi. After that, there are two commands. After that, there are two commands again.

This is one of my favorite pixel-platformers, for both it's theme and design, and it's moral objective.

A few days ago, I was on my way home from college when a man at the station approached me, wanting to 'introduce me to Jesus'. Normally I always let them talk while I arrogantly walk away from them. This time I decided to debate with him and we ended up discussing for half an hour, moving from religion onwards to 'Order vs Chaos'. He told me how in the end, Order is the right way and God can offer that. I started thinking back on playing this game, and described the elements to him. I might not have convinced him to back away from organized religion, but it did made me realize how much this game has influenced my ideas about the world, fate, morality, beliefs, order and chaos. Thank you for that :)

The only thing i have to say is: what the actually fudge

Probably my favorite game on Newgrounds. To be frank, I'm not a very big fan of platformers, in fact I usually hate them.

But this is the golden exception. Most platformers are too 'happy' for me, but this theme...this atmosphere...the music. It all makes you feel as if you're the soul survivor apart of something huger than you can ever imagine, and it makes me feel like even the floor is an artificial being that moves and just wants to see you suffer!

Great game though, 5/5. When most people get their hands on something like this they rush to the finish with it's creation. I see you didn't have this problem, and I'm more than excited to see this games spiritual successor come out as I'm sure it will be even more fascinating!

Very much lag