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Reviews for "Perdition"

Long story short loved it, great work.
Looking forward to trinity.

This game was awesome. It had good games play, interesting story, and I very much liked the art style of it all. However I'm finding it hard to get all four endings. I only seem to be getting 3 of them. I'm totally looking forward to the next game made

Carrill responds:

Try going the obedient path and using the Halo. Also try to get through the game without ever killing a single android.

Best game I played on NG. Amazing story, interesting artstyle, beautiful music. Masterpiece. 10/10

I think one run through this dark and depressing game is enough for today... maybe I'll play through it again another time. Even though you've destroyed me emotionally, I've gotta admit, if what you were aiming for was an atmosphere of absolute hopelessness and despair, toppled with questions of morality and inevitable doom, you succeeded. Damn... I need a break from life after playing this

I love the atmosphere of this game. It's eye-catching and vibrant, despite being primarily duochromatic. I would have given five stars if not for how buggy the controls are. I skimmed through the comments to see if anyone else was having this issue, but I didn't find much. The android will continue running after I've released the arrow keys, won't always jump when I hit "x", and occasionally won't jump when she's already in motion. I hate that something so technical has taken away from the experience, but all in all, I still adore this game. All aspects of the creative side are beautifully rendered and polished.