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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Great game love it!

Woohoo finally! I've been waiting for this for a long time, i was checking your profile yesterday, wondering if you posted it here aleady :)

I´ve already finished this game weeks ago on Kongregate, you´ve out done yourself by improving everything from the first game. great atmosphere music, animation the voice acting and the story ofcourse.

Nice to see that you made the Defence minigame easier. I could actually complete `Expert` this time which i couldn´t on the first game.

Time to replay this right now

i really like the 'instant action' approach and much of the art, but by the end i find myself left with deja vu. there's a fair amount of depth, and a ton of people were in on this. so that's really cool to see, as well as so many medals.

out of 10....

GFX - 7 (bright, but major grain in battles and missing animations, chopppy transitions)
SFX - N/A (no soundcard here)
DESIGN - 7 (very clear, well-thought, but little innovation)
GAMEPLAY - 5.5 (tired mechanics, i've played this game before)

overall, this is indeed a finely polished title. It has everything someone perhaps less burnt-out by RPG's would love. I don't have the time or energy to invest into it, and with no idea of how long this game is in total (minutes? hours? days?), i'm not prepared to re-play what i have long felt is virtually the same design we have seen since FFIV, and that was nearly-perfected in Chrono Trigger 15 years ago...

But again, here is a polished and in-depth title with a lot to offer and real quality behind it. it'll get featured if it hasn't already.

Still room for improvement-Minor things in the animation and character movement- but an awesome game none the less! great voice acting

for the first while i just played the game in the loading screen