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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

the game overall is good, it just the snowbord game it such a nightmare, ugh cant even get a gold on that last one like omg, make it easy maybe, idk.

This is the greatest Final Fantasy fangame of all time!

Stole a bone from a skeleton mid-fight. Poor fella :D

Edit: I've also managed to steal root from plants. :D
And tear from wolves :(

Many years ago, I played Crystal Story 2, and it was perhaps my favorite browser game. It was difficult to play this and then CS1 after. CS2 has more varied looking maps, many more enemies, and more dialogue. The enemies have clear strengths and weakness, both to status effects and elements.

The game is harder than CS1. You don't get anywhere near as much gold as CS1 and upgrading weapons requires more expensive resources. There are also no wandering unique bosses like Bahumet with insane enemy techs items that buff your party with EVERYTHING. Dargon in this game is a LOT harder, with more health.

Overall, STILL the best game on Newgrounds!

best game i have ever played on browser