Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

i really like the 'instant action' approach and much of the art, but by the end i find myself left with deja vu. there's a fair amount of depth, and a ton of people were in on this. so that's really cool to see, as well as so many medals.

out of 10....

GFX - 7 (bright, but major grain in battles and missing animations, chopppy transitions)
SFX - N/A (no soundcard here)
DESIGN - 7 (very clear, well-thought, but little innovation)
GAMEPLAY - 5.5 (tired mechanics, i've played this game before)

overall, this is indeed a finely polished title. It has everything someone perhaps less burnt-out by RPG's would love. I don't have the time or energy to invest into it, and with no idea of how long this game is in total (minutes? hours? days?), i'm not prepared to re-play what i have long felt is virtually the same design we have seen since FFIV, and that was nearly-perfected in Chrono Trigger 15 years ago...

But again, here is a polished and in-depth title with a lot to offer and real quality behind it. it'll get featured if it hasn't already.

Still room for improvement-Minor things in the animation and character movement- but an awesome game none the less! great voice acting

for the first while i just played the game in the loading screen

Ah and the long awaited sequel....
I like it so far :3

I was sad when the girl kept the gear I put on her... Other than that I'm loving this!