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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

It would be a really really good game if the combat are made in faster pace and a skill tree that have options instead of one straight line. Other than that, not too bad tho.

*I think I'm going to Copy/Paste my Review onto Steam as well, it'll be under Templarfreak*

Started playing it, will be finishing tomorrow. I can already tell it's gonna be great.

I'm gonna write my review now, though, so that way I don't include any spoilers.

So, from what I'm gathering so far. It really seems like a classic NES/SEGA/PS1 RPG! But this time around, you put a really unique spin on it! The concept and story has definitely changed as well, it's gotten much more serious yet still maintaining a good portion of comedy.

I like the art-style, but it's hard to like. The way it looks pixelated doesn't look nice, it makes it look like it was encoded wrong. If you wanted to make a Pixel/Anime Style, I would have suggested actually doing it by pixel instead of drawing it then applying an effect, which is what it seems like you did. Now don't get me wrong, it's still great. I still LIKE it. But it's just a little hard to like and for some people it may be a turn off.

The soundtrack, is very good. The only one so far I don't entirely like is the Post-Battle screen music. It gets REALLY repetitive, REALLY fast, eventually becoming annoying. Everything else is very well done.

So far, what I've seen is massive potential and I hope that this potential fills itself out while I'm playing, which I have absolutely no doubts it will what-so-ever, which is why I am making this review before I finish. I don't expect to run into anything I won't like. I enjoyed the first one thoroughly and I see no reason not to do the same for this one, especially since I've been told by some friends that it is better then the first.

As well, from this potential I've seen I've also seen some things that would definitely promote a second playthrough and I love that in any game, when it's done right. And I can clearly see this does it right.

Well, that's about all the critics my brain can come up with at 4 in the morning! I hope I didn't leave anything out. =)

i loooove this game but the achievements aren't working for me i am one of the first 5 people to finish most of em but it's not working :((

Love this one. Very detailed, polished and a great looking RPG.
It's a tried and true gameplay done the right way.

The snowboard mini game during loading was a nice touch too.

Difficult to say anything about the game when it locks up everytime I defeat the first opponent.
Main Char stays in his victory pose, and the "I won" music played and played and played.
Anyone knows how to get out of it?
Game looks like it´s got potential though!