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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

great game, luv the advancement options. only problem i had with it is that i spent 6 hours on it only for it to not save at all. so you can imagine the frustration. i didnt clear the cache or anything it just didnt save.

Difficult to say anything about the game when it locks up everytime I defeat the first opponent.
Main Char stays in his victory pose, and the "I won" music played and played and played.
Anyone knows how to get out of it?
Game looks like it´s got potential though!

I do not want anyone, especially the creator because it shows that much slow to finish this game, but if I'm honest I did not like his game not only bad way to get around the world if the battles do not have much effort , the only thing I liked was the music that I like but if everything else is already seen very sorry fans of crystal story and creator of the series but did not taste much I give 2.5 stars just for the music because the music is great . and at the rate I give 2 stars.

I don't understand the high rating. The mapping is really bad and looks like copy and paste. The story and the characters are simple, but the gameplay is ok. The graphics arent good either. Take some time especially on the maps / characteranimations. Atleast the music and voices are good...

big fish games anyone they put it there to nerve me on keep up the great work