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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Phoebe is the best character in anything. I love the funny-kind-of-crazy, hammer-wielding party girl. There's really a HUGE lack of characters like that.
She also breaks the fourth wall, which is pretty cool.

Power Rangers lol!!!
The main villain is Rita from power rangers! even the beginning reminded me of how Rita in the power rangers was released in the exact same way! Also a group of 5 heroes defeated her!
The game is really well made is impressive, but i wish it was made a couple of years ago. I do not enjoy RPG's game as I used to do now since they require a lot of time and random battles get so boring since in most RPG's is the same thing.

not d#sure how i feel about the fairytail rip off but still a good game

I have been waiting for this for ages!!!!!! a vast improvement over the last one which was also awesome

Its fun but could use some polishing.