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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

The character's and stuff kind of remind me of the second season of Sword Art Online :D

i m very enjoying the game
simple graphic and good sound i love it
game play so easy, simple and comfortable
i want the next story

dat story

Graphics are simple, but suit the game play just fine. Music is good, though can get repetitive at times. game play is good, easy to use and simple to follow. Upgrades are easy to understand, and make a difference without being killer if you make a mistake. Monster and PC progression keep pace pretty well, enough to provide a challenge without getting frustrating. And the story and charecter chatter are great. Very nice to see some of the former PCs making a showing.

Only thing really wrong is for some reason it's not featured on the front page.

You had at me at evil witch named Rita... Turn based is extremely underutilized today and I love it... all around this is a wonderful game taking it cues from all the greats.