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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Great game , interesting plot , mischief humor , interesting mini-games , interesting way of collecting specialty points to suit yourself as you use them to improve characters and choose classes accordantly .

The Cons: The way of opening locked chests by "hack pick " navigating virtual Lina is just tedious , requires luck and so complicated .

This game reminds me of old school RPG Games particularly of Breath of Fire series which I think some inspiration came from . the character there was an also a Dragon Warrior .

Compared to Crystal Story 1 the game offers much variety of quests and lots of characters to
play. Im amazed you play even some original characters like Phoebe . funny character . I still like her.

Games like this should be priced . Consider guys in the Credits & info making profitable the next Cristal Story 3 if you plan a sequel . 5/5 stars

I love this game so much! It is an awesome improvement over Crystal Story, This one makes me think of a combination of Final Fantasy X-2 and XIII. Choosing different classes and the battle system are kind of like FF X-2, and the upgrading system is kind of like the crystalrium (I think that's how you spell it), in FF XIII. Great job! I hope you can make a third in the series. IMO, this could be the new Epic Battle Fantasy! Keep working, and this might be worthy of being bought on Steam! 5/5. Love the voices by the way.

Excellent. It has everything I like in an RPG: a good plot, good mechanics, and feels rewarding to finish. 5/5 my good sirs.

great game but there is a problem.
all you need to do is to get one a very fast thief and let the person use haste on everyone, and than you are basically unstoppable.

amazingly awsome!!!!!