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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Better rpg than most on here. I remembered the first one as soon as the FF Mystic Quest characters started popping up again. Good waste of time.

I had fun with it for about five screen until I went into battle. Then it froze up. Three times I have played it now doing different things, but after every first battle, I hear the victory song and see my character in his stance... Fix it and I will edit this.

I just beat the game on Kongregate (except doom lair) back in November. I might as well play the game again sometime soon for the medals and the cutscene changes you have made since then.

I don't seem to remember playing the first one. Whatever happened there, this is a fun game. I really do like how there's a lot of space for you to explore. It's just wonderful that you put so much detail into everything. There's no medal for not skipping the cutscenes, I'm afraid. The music is also very graceful.

The graphics are very well done. It helps that the protagonist is someone you can in fact get on a good level with. Then again, I guess any character I give my user name to would be like that. It's just a very peaceful game. Those blobs seem to show up in a lot of RPGs.

My first thought was how much worse it looked than the original Crystal Story.
With a lot of sprites being straight up copied and not working with the new graphics, you get a choppy, unfinished, lazy look.
I haven't gotten far into the game, so I might write another review if the gameplay improvements far outweigh the graphical set-back to offset this score, but so far it feels very... simple and clunky.