Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

It's a good game, by itself. But I sincerely hope that, if at all possible, a hacked version of this game comes out soon. As soon as I found out you could get married, I was determined to do so. But it just takes so LONG to level up the relationship! And the stats! It bothers me so much with the decimals; I don't see the point of increasing a stat once it hits the 50 mark. I do like the game, believe me, but I'm eagerly awaiting a hacked version of this game to speed things along.

I felt as though u put little effort into the story, and the game play is slow. It takes forever to get married, in fact it's not even worth the effort.

Junjo responds:

well, this is no more than a little IDLE game... I never thought anyone expecting a strong story. And it is intended to be played along some days, letting it playing by itself while you play other games or do other things... you know: an idle game.

i got bored then i mute the music then played another game on a new tab then i went to sleep tomorrow i have 124069 gold!

The game certainly is as advertised -- an idle game. It's sort of like Harvest Moon without the story if the farming were automated. I think I'd enjoy it more if some of the "events" were quicker to achieve rather than just letting this game run in the background non-stop for days to earn enough money, like buying at least a basic house and getting chickens, perhaps putting a limit on how many chickens you can raise and how many fields you can tend on getting married first. Since it's an idle game, perhaps being able to buy an automated watering system would be nice addition after you buy your first house.

Overall it's good, it just lacks enough interesting things happening to make you want to keep playing other than the OCD factor of "getting everything".

Love being married with chickens ;-)