Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

i found this game awesome 5 stars all around


As in in-depth instructions such as explaining what each of the skills do, explaining what each upgrade, explaining what you can get with prosperity points and how they work.

For example mentioning that if you spend 3 points to get the salesmen that will buy a lot of of level crops and you go to your farm to check on your crops before agreeing to his deal he will just disappear. That would have been good to know.

Enjoyed the game but tell me what the things in the game mechanically do.

Really cool, a great way to get a false sense of feeling more productive as you study

Its a nice game. I like the graphics and concept. I just wish there was more to do when you are actually playing the game and not letting it run in the background. It gets a little repetitive...harvesting crops, watering crops, collecting eggs, selling things in the village and than doing it all over again. Something that might help might maybe being able to interact with the village people and your wife more. It would also be fun if you could customize your character more. Also, I am not a fan of how much prices go up in the game. Maybe if you could make money faster. I let the game run all night and still only made a few thousand. Which in this game isn't much. Also, I have a question...when you say start a family does that mean we have kids in this game? Or do you mean we just get a wife and that counts as the family? Just wondering, if we can't have kids it would be cool if we could.

Where do you buy a house?

Junjo responds:

You must attract a builder to the town, by rising the prosperity at the Mayor. When the blue stars appears, look for the builder next to the seeds guy.