Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

The sack with the flower image increase the probability of gain a flower from your crop and using it towards the women in town or on your wife.

What does the sack with the flower icon on it do? (the one you might get as payment from the merchant). I see it on the left of my farm and transparent images of it hovering over my fields, but I can't seem to interact with it in anyway. As this has a timer on it, I'd be really greatful if some one could give me a hint as to what I'm supposed to do (if anything).

Dat lunch Janet makes make everything go +100% except selling XD

So does increasing the tool level increase the speed you use tools while idle, like harvesting? Or does it only affect using tools actively yourself?

Junjo responds:

It increases the speed always, both idle and active.

I like the graphics, the music and the general idea, but it gets kind of boring pretty fast. It reminds me of an old console game - Harvest Moon. I really loved that game! It had the same concept, but it also had a more complex story, it was more...fun (and time consuming, I admit). Maybe that's why I can't rate this game any higher. But for an online semi-idle game, it's pretty spot-on! :)