Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

Addictive little game, very fun with a familiar formula (Harvest moon). Only really major thing i didn't like was the fact that you can't cancel a prosperity upgrades.

Pretty good so far. Agree with the 'Harvest Moon Lite' analogy. One question, how do you grow a different crop on a plot? I want to replace my potato field with something else.

Junjo responds:

just click on the hoe icon that appears when you move the mouse over the field, and it will be cleared.

This looks like harvest moon but i think can add more option and function? Overall it is a good game .

Tho think farming could be so fun! :) Nice graphics, simple gameplay; a good idea for a game too. The only vice I see is how tiny all the dialog buttons are, they're easy to see but it would've been easier just clicking the entire dialog box to move on. Keep it going!


Basically Harvest Moon Lite. Nothing wrong with it.

@Joel64 Its a farming game bro. Never played Harvest Moon? The most action you get is very heavy storms.