Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

I love how you can just leave it here while your score goes up

What exactly does the "Watering" skill on your wife do? Because it doesnt seem to actually do anything.

Junjo responds:

She waters a bit the crops every minute. She is not going to fill almost nothing of the blue bar, but it's enough to make your plants grow faster in certain %. In fact, it's similar to the compost upgrade.

I really loved it at first, but after some DAYS of being active there seems nothing new t achieve. TheStone house is idiculously expensive and would take like DAYS to get. You can't interact with the wife whatsoever and somehow after getting married nothing happens anymore, does it?

Pretty fun little game, figured I should clarify stuff. Saw a few people talk about why would you eat the eggs. Well I noticed after I did the lunch, my skills rocketed for a little bit. I don't think the marriage is useless do to the benefits you can get with the wife, and as for people talking about the time it takes for her to do things. It's an idle game, even a little helps in the long run so I've noticed.

A nice little game. I like it.

But there are a few things that could be improved:

Collecting eggs and watering cooldown:

-Why is the writing black and not white like the rest?
- Watering cooldown is hard to read because it overlapps with the house

Score and Seeds Display:

- Would be nice if you could minimize those. You can't see half of your house.


- A little bit more would have been nice. A rake when planting, a watering can when watering, a skythe when harvesting etc.

Eggs, grain and flower display:

- Maybe on the road next to harvest value would have been a better place to put them.

Oh, and I just noticed, that the game freezed while I was writitng this review.