Reviews for "Zos"

The music and art are nostalgic which is great. Being able to speed the text up would be great as it goes by slowly. The controls are simple and the premise of the game is a good one. The animations are great. I notice when jumping my characters hair moves up and down. Also the death animation where blood splatters everywhere is nicely done. Mixing potions is great fun. One problem I have encountered is some objects you will walk through but then coming back they are barriers for some reason. This story is truly an interesting one.

like old commodore games good

Hey! Always glad to see one of your games come out!

Asvegren responds:

hey, thanks :)

It is an okay game. Though you should add a warning to deleting a save file. Because I was reaching for play but accidentally hit delete, and I lost everything.

And also, the guy without potions is slow as hell. The guy is what, 70?

little boring but cool