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Reviews for "Zos"

Sometimes a little gltchy, but for the most part, pretty fantastic! Love the combination of alchemy and potions in a sci-fi-type setting. Collecting and mixing ingredients is quite fun, as well as using potions and such to fight, which is a fairly original idea in this kind of game. Great work!

a fun and interesting game i was really getting into it but on the third planet im stuck there's a glitch where the acid slimes fall right threw the floor every time i load a room so i cant complete part a a room to go to the next

Great Game! Love it

Loved the game.
It was very well thought out, just the right amount of difficulty.
Been trying to find the wild card awards after finishing it, no luck.
Awesome job guys.

I had a lot of fun with this game. It had its interesting parts. It had its slower parts. Overall, I'd say it reminded me a lot of Wilt: Last Rose, the main difference being the setting (obviously). While, I am not completely finished (I'm kind of bad at this game) I have enjoyed the parts I've managed to pass. Nice minigames, too.