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Reviews for "Zos"

Ah, yes. How nice to come back to this game. It's been a while since 2014. It's really good and the music is relaxing. It seems the developer hasn't put out anything since this. Let's hope it doesn't stay like that for very long.

incrible, i stop in the last part, but o stop play this game :( is one of the best game i are play in my life :D

There is a problem with adobe flash (I use chrome).
Game is freezing and stopping chrome when I jump on some platforms... Impossible to continue the game...

This game is both epic and fantastic! Awesome job though! If you do make another game like Zos and Wilt: Last Blossom, please reference the events of both games so that could act as a sequel to both. That would be awesome if you did something like that in your next game.

Epic game!

The music in this game is awesome.