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Reviews for "Zos"

Yea there are definitely some bugs to work man, like the bug where you keep moving in one direction sometimes or when you get stuck talking to an npc infinitely. didn't even get past the second screen because of that. sucks to, looks like a good game

Combines its retro look with some nice mini-retro-games (that are not to long to get annoying), plus a good storyline, some puzzles, collecting... it got everything.

This game completely rocks! It reminds me a bit of Rad Gravity (NES game) although there was no potion mixing in that game but you did have to travel back and forth between planets to collect things and complete various tasks.

Yeah, I couldn't have that much fun with a game I could not understand. There was something wrong with the controls. I keep moving to the left or right. I really do like how you have a walkthrough. I'm probably not interested in the game to play it, though. The design is pretty nice.

I am so glad that the playing with your dog was a medal and not just an achievement. It can be hard when you can't tell the difference in some games. I actually like the music. Seeing as how there's nothing credited, I'm sure it's pretty generic. Hopefully, other people will like it.

havent finished it, but like to much
retro style like from nes! 5 stars!