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Reviews for "Zos"

This game is nice, but one question still lingers: What happened to Lynaii? Did they get space-farted out of X'o'chthu, or did it just disintegrate harmlessly, or did they share Zos' fate...? I mean, I didn't see them in the credit sequence..

I love it. It's a really beautiful game, got me hooked instantly. It does get a little boring having to constantly revisit planets in order to get materials, but it doesn't bother me that much.
The graphics are very nice but the best part for me is the music. It just take the game's atmosphere to another level.
5 stars from me :)

I'm sorry, but this game just put me to sleep. I must not be the right audience for it, because I could tell everything about the game was incredibly well-done, and it all contributes to a cohesive whole. But that whole is so painfully DULL.

You play as Browny McTangrey, a dull protagonist on the planet Brownplace IV. One day he literally walks down the block and gets told by an old man to save the universe. You see, there once was an ancient lovecraftian horror, then some people destroyed its brain by shooting it with magical space laser swords or something, then it ate the entire universe, and now it's back and you have to kill it. Don't ask me why they didn't just kill it themselves when they, you know, destroyed its brain and all. It's a good thing sentient life couldn't possibly have evolved on any of those other planets in the Universe. No, no. Just these seven. Whoopsie!

The controls are functional, clean and precise, but good lord the dynamics are awkward. I had flashbacks to 8-bit Castlevania, but not in the good way, since we're looking at like 3 animals per planet, at least in the part I played. Your primary attack is to throw flasks of fire potion that you created an infinite supply of by combining three small plants and no glass.

In dialogue, where everyone looks the same and you never choose what to say, you have two options for text display speed. You can either read the text slow by tapping the button once, or hold down the button so it goes as fast as it can with no pauses, but since it's limited to one character per EnterFrame, it's still almost exactly as slow. Heaven forbid it should just show you the whole paragraph at once or something. Clearly a little "blippity beep" sound effect while the letters appear that was already stale in 1986 and doesn't have any real reason for existing when the text isn't in kana is clearly worth wasting my time.

Then you travel to a jungle planet full of tribal sterotypes and you keep dying and needing to climb this mountian and OH GOD the music somebody give me some forks so I can stab myself in the legs just to get sensation flowing again. I could honestly put up with all of it, the bull backgrounds, the dull premise, the flat characters that are barely one-dimmensional archetypes, the slow text, the slow walking, the slow, slow, slow combat against slow enemies using slow, awkward weapons that involve hitting a parabolic arc with another parabolic arc... I could power through all of that shit and give the story one last chance to wow me on planets 3 and 4, if the music weren't SO FUCKING DULL.

The music in this game just puts you to sleep. It's this painful, tedious funeral dirge that just sucks all the life out of your body and leaves you a listless corpse, one cold, dead hand on the keyboard, tapping out an epitaph composed of left, right, up and space. When I finally died on top of the mountain and had to re-collect all the ingredients in the village, I wasn't even mad. I couldn't be. Anger is an emotion, and the music had rendered me dead inside. I just went "oh," and quietly closed the window to write this review. When you first get to the jungle planet, it actually sounds upbeat, until you get used to it. 20 or 30 iterations later, you're dead inside again. It's just... BLUH..... BLUH BLUH BLUH..... BLUH BLUH BLUH..... for 3 hours. I want to slap my own face just to wake up!

After a review that negative, you might wonder why the rating is so high. Well, it's because a lot of effort went into this, and it shows. They were clearly going for a certain vibe here, and to an extent they succeeded. I respect this game as art. But Jesus Christ don't ever PLAY it.

It is a dead, cold, lifeless husk of a game. Do not be fooled by the retro graphics and Castlevania-inspired combat mechanics. This is not an exciting action-RPG sidescroller. More like it got all the recessive genes of Castlevania II... the story, the dialogue, the imprecise control mixed with a health bar that removes all sense of challenge... and then swiped the rest of its DNA from Flashback. Or more like that new "spiritual successor" to Flashback whose name escaped me at the moment. No, not Gunpoint. Gunpoint was awesome. The one that didn't work.

It's like. Move. Wait. Move. Wait. Inane Dialogue. Wait Wait Wait Novel Jumping Puzzle You Died. Wait.

And the worst part is they are TRYING SO FUCKING HARD to make this WORK! It just doesn't. I can't. Take my four stars. Just take them. Use them to build a better life! I just. The game sucks I can't handle it! Just take the stars!

Asvegren responds:

ahahahahaha jesus

good but after some time it becomes extreeeemely boring

Thoroughly enjoyed! Sound is awesome, gameplay was very good, story was very good!