Reviews for "Zos"

to those who wonder what that terminal says in Elaris when it gives message to trainee medicians 011000010110001101100011011001010111001101110011011001000110010101101110
it means "accessdenied", so no secrets for you xD

Great game with good alchemy mechanics that reminds me of Secret of Evermore.

But I ran into a little problem at the end of the game. When going through X'o'thchu's teeth, there's a point where you must cross a lava/poison pit with Zero Gravity (or maybe Invisibility potion.) But once inside, there are no more ingredients to get back out if you run out! Please fix, and maybe I'll come back to get the last few medals I'm missing.

Btw, pretty good ending for such a short game. Poor dog.

Asvegren responds:

You took the hard way over the lava. There is a way you can cross it with a potion that is infinite... (hint hint)

This game is great!! I loved the potion system and how you had to discover new recipes, although the controls were a bit awkward (even if you get used to them).

I also loved the music!! Great job!!

Holy jesus dialogue skip options..

Fun game but controls are awkward.