Reviews for "Zos"

OK, the game is great as a nice combination of story and gameplay. However, there is a major bug in the game: a player can get stuck if they go to Elyris/Xinda (or whatever) a second time and get into the facility containing the Essence havinga obtained it before. If they run out of fortify speed and zero gravity potions, the player cannot escape the facility by any means, as the portal forwards has disappeared and the fans backwards don't lift the character high enough to get back.

This is something important that needs revision as it can ruin the entire game (and throw off hours playing) if someone has (as I do) enough bad luck.

The music was a bit repetitive and the graphics were OK.

I need more fans

Great game and really fun and deep - have wasted too much time playing it, then beating the achievements. Welldone

Great game!
Like oldy platformer!
Thanks a lot (don't listen to grinchy people...)

Controls are a bit unresponsive. When I'm running forward or trying to jump over a large gap, I seem to lose momentum and just stop.

If I'm in mid air, I miss my jump and fall straight down. This was lots of fun on Aeryl.

If I try to jump over an enemy, or dodge an attack, I end up slamming right into it.

This is bullshit, but I'm playing it anyway cause I want to see the end.