Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"


Look this would be a 10/10 and 5/5 but u had like 6 years and you still havnt made it so really as is it realy just sux i mean come on just a preview in 6 years and its not that good of a preview so either make it up with freakin amazing quality or just make one in 3 seconds like you did this one so we can get on with our lives

ps people below get a new connection i have dsl and i didnt even have to wait.

can't wait

i love all those charectars alot so a big fight between them i can't wait the suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MAKE IT ALREADY!!! IM REALLY TIRED OF WAITING!!! however, if u did make it, where can i find it? and wtf is it about taking a long time to load? it took me littaraly 5 seconds to load. not joking. get comcast ppl below me!

Couldnt even see it

Took so god damn long to load, I sat there for 3 mins, and wouldnt load.
I know I have a slow computer, but no game/flash has EVER taken this long on my computer. Sorry but its a zero because I didn't even see it.

A couple of things...

1.) not to sound disrespectfull but this is taking a long time.

2.) you kind of make link sound like a wuss with his abilities just to say he does technecly travel through time in a number of the Zelda games like ocareina of time and i know i spelled it wrong.

3.) this is the only thing i have found on Newgrounds that has any conection to legend of dragoons which is a great game and i thank you for that.

With those thing in mind i say it looks very good and please try too get it on soon