Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"

Why does this have such a high rating?

I think that too many people are rating this high just because its a cool idea and has a lot of their favorite video game characters and are not basing their ratings on the subpar movie.

Maverick22 responds:

sorry dude. graphics a 4. Dude thanks for the low blow. I work hard on the graphics. Some backgrounds like the Ryu one took me hours


As long as that little fucker Mario doesn't win, I'll be happy with this movie.

Maverick22 responds:

Im guessing u dont like Mario

No question about it....

There's no question who would whoop arse in that tourney. Alucard all the way! Great (if not exactly original) idea and good presentation. Only thing to really work on is the sound... that shink sound got really tiring. Can't wait to see how it comes through!

Maverick22 responds:

again Alucard seems to be winning.
To bad his the hardest to draw


The most annoying pre-loaders in the world are the ones which state 'click here when you think it's loaded' - Please, get a decent pre-loader, it's an initial mark of a decent/worth while animation. Anyway, your graphics/art work was top notch, looked very good. Good luck on the series.

Maverick22 responds:

working on it.
I dont know how to do PreLoaders


That looks awesome! I'm going to keep an eye out for that. I gave you a 5. All the heroes look great but you might want to touch up Mario.

Maverick22 responds:

Thanks for the five. thanks for being the first reviewer