Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"


this has been on for soo long,
is it really that hard to make!
I have grown tired of waiting, i gave you a 6 because it still is a kickass idea

The excitement is definitely building...!

So awesome... I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE BIG BATTLE!!!!!!

I'm Interrested

Ok, I know every Hero except Fei; but Fei seems a litle bit different. Think about it, a "Human" against a Battle-Robot seems a not to become very fair fight or ?

Isn't Fei (Wu-Fei) from Gundam Wing also?


Link seems so lame compared to everyone else: "Abilities: Plays the flute, swims" lol.


WOW that was only the intro cant wait till the bigfight, i vote Cloud cuz he has more then enough abilities then the other guys except for Dart who has almost as much as he does not including the fact that cloud has 7 limit breaks that can own everyone especially OMNISLASH!!! XD lol when is the fight going to come on Newgrounds