Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"


Cloud would win with all his limit breaks, pheonix down, Materia and summons, Plus he has the best story in a game.


I know this is only a intro to the next fighting flash movies but...it wasn´t enough to call for my attention.
though i like that u used a guilty gear song, anyway it was not bad but i hope that the next movies will be better than just this

Needs improvement... badly

It needs more characters... What about Tidus or Sora :P They have good reason to be in there also... or megaman, or smaus, and suchforth.

so hard to chosse

um clould no link no mario no a random guy that throws some food at evreyone to distract them while he kills evreyone so that he wins until he finds out that he cant win unless he signed up.

good idea

this is a cool idea. hope dart wins for i am a dragoon fan. when is this gona come to newgrounds?