Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"


But Dart would kick all their asses. With divine dragoon, he can blast them all away with divine dragon cannon. Ive seen this about a year ago so whats the hold up?

4/5 hurry up everyone's waiting for it!


ill vote higher when it comes out

you promised it would be out in the year 2000 its now 2005 hurry up unless that x is a roman numeral then its coming out in the year 20010 oh god

Sweet matchups but when it going to be out?

I saw this a coulple months ago and u still havent gotten the first episode out yet, so i think everyone wants you to hurry the hell up.


kool yea 1 thing though link,dart, and cloud r all gonna tie becuz they rock and if u dont make it that way i will come to ur house and kill u mwahahahahahaha!!!!>=]


well i liked the sound of a big battle but it was a little gay the anime was good you could do better with the movie just work on the battle and do better music. you could of done better but i gave it a 5 try to make the battle a 10 k