Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"

Coming November 200X?

So, that means the last chance will be on November 2009... Seriously man, please continue this... I wanna see a dragoon (LOD) and a dragon (BoF III) fight... xD


i agree with bluemagus dart will probably win with cloud and fei close behind


This had great potential, sadly looking at the date it was made this probably wont ever be made. Much really cant be said about a preview, so i'll just say that it is a project that i'll look forward to if it ever is made. Considering each of these warriors has a unique trait or power, you can't really say who will win, and in each loss is a put down to maybe a fans favorite character in their favorite game.


think u can hurry up on making it please?...ps my moneys on dart

i liked it

i thoguht it was interesting and it kind of ran alittle bit from time to time but i thought that it would get a good review but you will have work on less lagg and alittle better graphics and to make it alittle longer so that if someone has a lagg computer it would be worth it . So keep trying don't give up man. congratz on the star i'm going to give you. :D