Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"


im sure alot of people have been waiting for something like this and somebody stepped up and did it. You should make mario and link lose from disqualification cause they will get murdered. Cloud is the best and has the best move:OMNISLASH. oh yea and make him transform into cloud (KH version) to make him bitch slap even harder.


I played all of these games finish this quick its going to be great great work.

Great idea

Can't wait to see the fights. I'm hoping to see Fei in the final match. Hope Crono gets far too. Just one question why did you put Mario in it? I know he was in Legend of the Seven Stars, but it does not seem like he has a chance to win.

very nice... very nice indeed

I was hoping to see something like this, and I guess it came true. and you did an incredible amount of effort when making this movie, the sword slash is a little annoying, but overall, the whole thing is incredible.

now, who would I want to win...

I go for Alucard, because of the fact the he can transform into different beasts/forms, and he would chew everyone and spit them out at competition.

Fei for second, and Dart for 3rd.

but my FULL vote goes for Alucard.

oh, and could you fix Alucard's intro? its not all that surprising personally.

Lot of Work..

It's apparent you put alot of work into this movie...Good job.