Reviews for "Heroes X (intro)"

Great Idea

I agree that Dart should win and that he Should be using the Divine Dragoon spirit. Although you should allow him to fight cloud and kick his FREAKING BUTT!

Dart shoulda kicked ass

it was good ut i think dart shoulda won cuz legend of dragoon is the best game

and also u shoulda made a boss and it wuld be Melbu Frahma

Dart needs to win

Legend of Dragoon was a kick ass game and I think that Dart deserves to win, even Cloud can't compare to him.

But there is one problem, you should have him use the Ultimate Dragoon Spirit not the Red Dragoon Spirit. If you remember he had the Ultimate Dragoon Spirit at the end and his father had the Red Dragoon Spirit.


Well 2008 November is near..So....Anyways wishes Ryu would win...Lookin at Link's abilities it looks like he's going to lose...


Dart will win!!