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Reviews for "Paw'D"

unable to connect to server error #2031

so no rating for you

iceey responds:

It works now. There was a programming error, which I fixed, and it took me about two minutes to do so. Can't blame it on anyone but myself, but I look into each glitch and fix it, so I'd hope that over time there will be less and less. You're welcome to try again now - it should work, and it no longer has the glitch that caused the error, either, because I fixed it before rebooting the server. :3

I'll make a better explanation screen if the connection times out, perhaps that'll help a bit too.

What a cool little game, yeah it's pretty glitchy but it's one of your first and this is really well done for that.

iceey responds:

Thank you! If you drop me a note about the glitches you found, I can fix them? It'll make it better!

for me this gafick is just to childish.

only tryed to play it for Medals.

give you 3 stars bacuse the Controls are alot glitching

iceey responds:

Thanks. Originally I planned using a very different style, but this one was easier and faster for me to draw, so I stuck with that.

As for the controls, it'd help me if I knew how they are glitching for you, and which controls (mouse or keyboard) you used that glitch.

I like the concept but the game is nearly impossible to play because of the glitchy controls. I walk right and suddenly my character goes left, I jump and it takes 5 seconds for him to jump, it's very laggy. It'd also be cool if you could customize your character more, but definetly fix those controls. Mainly just laggy, slow, delayed and inaccurate.

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review. Glitchy controls shouldn't (normally) be happening, but I'll definitely try to fix it if you give me a few more clues. Did you use your mouse or your keyboard when it walked into the other direction?

I can see how it's laggy though, if it takes five seconds to jump. o.o Can you type /ping in the chatbox and see what it comes up with?