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Reviews for "Paw'D"

Not the best game around.. controls are hard to use, if it's supposed to be an MMO there aren't any other people around so being attacked by a group is an automatic loss. Again controls are terrible, I cant tell who I'm attacking and who's attacking me, or how to use any of the moves for that matter. I'm not sure if it's a glitch in the game, or poor game design.
The look of the game, feel of the game and everything else is great, but it ruins a game when it's hard to get around/takes a long time to get where you want to go. This game needs tweaking.

iceey responds:

Hmm .. I didn't realize, but I'll see if I can clarify that a bit in the game, thanks.
Just for the record, in case anyone else has troubles: to select a monster, click it, or use the 'e' key to circle over nearby monsters. It'll have a red spinning circle under it, to show that it is selected. Any attacks that you use go on the selected monster.

unable to connect to server error #2031

so no rating for you

iceey responds:

It works now. There was a programming error, which I fixed, and it took me about two minutes to do so. Can't blame it on anyone but myself, but I look into each glitch and fix it, so I'd hope that over time there will be less and less. You're welcome to try again now - it should work, and it no longer has the glitch that caused the error, either, because I fixed it before rebooting the server. :3

I'll make a better explanation screen if the connection times out, perhaps that'll help a bit too.

Okay well you have something going, too bad, its glitchy, glitchy, glitchy.
I can only give the rating this deserves and that is blammable.
Sorry but the concept of not even being able to move in a straight line, is beyond failure for a game.
I want to like it i do, but i don't think this is ready for production yet.
It's Laggy, Control scheme is messed up, and some of these "interactive cut scenes" don't work right.
The wall seems to be for me right at the ruins, in which i can see what your trying to do but alas it takes to long so the enemies just hound me and kill me before i can escape. I tried this no more then 8 times. Afterwards i just said screw it and stopped.
I know this might be good, but i can't tell due to messed up controls, fidgety attacks, and obnoxious GUI.
I didn't want to give no stars as there is truly some thought, time, and effort in this one.
But the unplayability ruins the whole thing and if you cant play the game it' might as well have been a flash cartoon.
My advice is for this to be taken down and fixed.
I can see why this has a high rating, really i can this is going to be a neat little WAN multiplayer game. And the people are giving good ratings to encourage you to continue, which is what i want as well. But i don't rate for what it might be, I rate for what it is.
And for what this is, it is broken.
After some tweaks, post again then you can get the rating you actually deserve.
Good luck. I'll be looking forward to playing this, when its really ready.

iceey responds:

Thank you for your review. You are completely correct about the wall that you ran into, and I deeply apologize for the wasted time trying to beat this scene eight times. The monsters you saw were supposed to ignore you. When I applied a few fixes (based on the reviews) to make monster control more responsive, I broke the scene you described. Sorry about that, and thank you for writing this review and letting me know. I have fixed it now, and you saved everyone else creating a character from trying a near-impossibly scene.
If you found another scene that doesn't work right, or what parts of the UI are obnoxious (I always thought it stays out of the way) drop me a note. :3

It's me again and I HATE THIS GAME

iceey responds:

Hello Sonary,
Yup, it's you again, but with a new NG account. My response from below applies to this review too, because it's the same person, and the same matter. :)