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Reviews for "Paw'D"

Nice game good graphics but some the quests are hard as poo i give it 4 stars

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review. If you run into any tough quests, group up with a friend. In two, you'll blaze through a lot of things without trouble.

This is a great game and I played it while it was still in beta anyone reading the reviews should try this.

Okay well you have something going, too bad, its glitchy, glitchy, glitchy.
I can only give the rating this deserves and that is blammable.
Sorry but the concept of not even being able to move in a straight line, is beyond failure for a game.
I want to like it i do, but i don't think this is ready for production yet.
It's Laggy, Control scheme is messed up, and some of these "interactive cut scenes" don't work right.
The wall seems to be for me right at the ruins, in which i can see what your trying to do but alas it takes to long so the enemies just hound me and kill me before i can escape. I tried this no more then 8 times. Afterwards i just said screw it and stopped.
I know this might be good, but i can't tell due to messed up controls, fidgety attacks, and obnoxious GUI.
I didn't want to give no stars as there is truly some thought, time, and effort in this one.
But the unplayability ruins the whole thing and if you cant play the game it' might as well have been a flash cartoon.
My advice is for this to be taken down and fixed.
I can see why this has a high rating, really i can this is going to be a neat little WAN multiplayer game. And the people are giving good ratings to encourage you to continue, which is what i want as well. But i don't rate for what it might be, I rate for what it is.
And for what this is, it is broken.
After some tweaks, post again then you can get the rating you actually deserve.
Good luck. I'll be looking forward to playing this, when its really ready.

iceey responds:

Thank you for your review. You are completely correct about the wall that you ran into, and I deeply apologize for the wasted time trying to beat this scene eight times. The monsters you saw were supposed to ignore you. When I applied a few fixes (based on the reviews) to make monster control more responsive, I broke the scene you described. Sorry about that, and thank you for writing this review and letting me know. I have fixed it now, and you saved everyone else creating a character from trying a near-impossibly scene.
If you found another scene that doesn't work right, or what parts of the UI are obnoxious (I always thought it stays out of the way) drop me a note. :3

i like this multiplayer game good job but do more mission and more enemies and this can be a good game on top good work good luck!

iceey responds:

Thanks :3 I'm updating the game daily (sometimes new content, sometimes "just" fixes), so it's not like this will be the final version (so far it has 360 quests over 33 levels). It'll be improved and extended. ;P

seems like a pretty good concept. At the start it didn't look like you could get much customisation in your character (or that might just be me missing a button somewhere 'cause as far as I could see it only said "randomise") and the jumping is laggy and seems an odd choice considering that the floor plan is laid out 3D, wouldn't it be more sensible for up to move up instead of jumping? maybe a different button should be used for jumping?
I was using the keyboard WASD controls and my ping was:
"Ping Round-Trip-Time (3): 309 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (2): 286 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (1): 611 ms."
according to the chat thing.
Overall it seems like a great concept and I would love to play it once it's been polished a bit, until then I'll work through the odd controls and try to enjoy it.

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review! I am working on the customization part - it never occured to me that the game could offer different patterns right from the start. It should be done by today evening.

And yeah, I noticed that a lot find jumping laggy - I should probably post on the NG forums and see if anyone has better ideas. Right now, when you press 'jump', it simply tells the game server to jump, which replies back with all the details - and if it takes 611 ms to hear back, that feels pretty delayed. Personally I find anything below 300ms fluent, but 600 (or worse, 1000) ms are a pain. I'll see what I can do though.

Being able to move up is a good idea, and I'll try to add that in. It'll make some parts (such as the café) much more intuitive than trying to simulate that with 2D platforms. It's just a major change, so it might take a bit (and I hope you can still enjoy it until then).