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Reviews for "Paw'D"


iceey responds:

Right click their character, and click on "Invite"! :3
Orrrr .. type "/invite theirname" if you like typed commands. ;P

i love this game.... fun and awesome... ratings 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000

I like the game very much and while writing this review right now I got the achivements survivor, 10 quests, 25 quests, bluebell of your own, and am level six, so you can make a sense of where i am in the game, the only problem is i want to dye my Player, but i don't know how to get gold coins, and is there anyway I can connect my newgrounds in game name with the game page(Paw'D-~step into the paws of a hero~) and stuff? i really have worked hard on the game and don't want to have to start over again.PS -I chose mage.

Some People say this game lags If you have a 64 bit Running PC with Lots of disc space you'll be fine no Lag at all This game was sad for me at the start I still haven't made it Past I would call it Chapter two I'm still on the basic Jack's farm Quest I chose the mage so I'm doing just fine! I won't spoil what happens at the beginning But I rate this game 100% 5 stars for you!

you have potential but theres major flaws in it speed in which you move is annoyingly slow the way you move up or down is a bit hard to do at times being its hard to see on some areas like the hill in the beginning once you teleport away it seems a bit bland i havent playd long but as a mage to me it seems a bit under balanced but keep at it i look forward to trying it again someday