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Reviews for "Paw'D"

To the guys/ gals who didn't know how to invite people to groups just type on your chatbox, /invite name
name is the replacement of your friend's name. i'm Sonary in paw'd ^^ i'm level 34

And l love this game

There's a couple glitches when it comes to entering the cafe and garden, and there's possibly more, but I haven't found them yet. BTW, Add me as a friend! Go to "Game " on the top bar, then "Friends" in the top left of the little menu that pops up, click "Add", then type my name "Shinra Dragowolf"! Hope to see you soon!!!

Cant play it says connection error #2048 wonder if you could help me out I really wanna try playing this game.3 stars cause dunno

iceey responds:

Error #2048 means that the Flash Player cannot connect to the policy server (which means that other real-time multiplayer flash games will have troubles too).

Your best bet is to find whoever is managing your firewall, and ask them if they can allow outgoing connections (from you to the internet) for the TCP ports 843 (Flash Policy Server) and 4900 (game server). Hope that helps!

it's too ha to kill the early monsters, they're so cute!

iceey responds:

Think of it that way - you're not killing them, you're only knocking them unconscious. ;P

how can i invite a friend?