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Reviews for "Paw'D"

so far 2-3 hour playtime. As an avid rpg gamer (personal opinion), I must say this game has potential. Despite plenty of "plagiarized contents" (by "plagiarized contents" I mean similarities with plenty other games), you can create familiar yet unique environment for players. Not only that, the system and mechanics are pretty decent for a flash website multiplayer game.

However, the gameplay is still not player-friendly enough. I had trouble trying to click on the screen because of the small game resolution, also the map system need more tweaks and description as moving from location to location is proven to be confusing.

Then again, it is undeniable that this is one cute yet relaxing and fun game to play. I'm looking forward to some updates and tweaks and also fixes, perhaps ranged class other than mage & priest? I prefer to keep my distance without spending too much mana. Also, more varieties for character editing would be great. Plus, perhaps not very important, gender differential should be shown more clearly, perhaps with eyelashes, or slender body for gal, bulky for guy, or such.

N.P Your character designs are so damn cute
N.P.P if possible, never, ever add things such as premium items and such--as from my experience, those kind of things ruined lots of games

its so fun why you can play monster tag beat up epic boss I give 4.5 the some boss are why to op like the spider boss

Best Game Ever! Achievements Is Too Many! Also Music Is So Bad... Err I Mean Fantastic!
My ID In This Game: Lightaqw.
Great Job.... Err I Mean Fantastic Job The Creator And Beta Tester!.

This is a great game wow! The acheivements are incredible so fun to work towards. Great music!

My god
An multiplayer game on newgrounds!
This is awesome.