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Reviews for "Paw'D"

Atwork is amazing.
Thank you for making them foxes and not ponies lol.
I liked the game but I did not like:
Character moves too slow
too many items! and so little space

Game needs a bank,more inventory space or make less items!
Its ruins the fun having to manage items all the time and was main reason I stopped playing the game.

iceey responds:

A (guild) bank does exist - and so does (personal) item storage!
I'll consider increasing the base inventory space though, so that it's less of a problem until the point of the game that you do get both. Thanks for your review!

at least it doesnt add furry stuff

iceey responds:

During the start of the development, the characters were human, even. Animal characters fit my drawing style though, and hence were easier to draw, so I scrapped that.

Thanks for your review!

I really enjoy playing this game. The graphics are good, music is nice and relaxing, and the player designs are so cute! I do think that the game could use some tweaks here and there for things like movement via mouse and, like DashCamp said, perhaps some gender difference. Otherwise, this game is one of the best I've ever played! 4.5 stars and "Great Job!" to the creator and beta tester!

P.S. My in-game name is Whistle.

iceey responds:

I'll see how I can tweak the controls to make them easier - so any hints (if you can remember them, sorry for taking this long X.x) are appreciated. As for gender differences, I think that might be a bit hard, now that a lot have grown accustomed to how their character looks. If males look more .. bulky, I'll probably be hanged. ;P Glad you liked the game, and thank you for your encouraging words! *cheers*

Not the best game around.. controls are hard to use, if it's supposed to be an MMO there aren't any other people around so being attacked by a group is an automatic loss. Again controls are terrible, I cant tell who I'm attacking and who's attacking me, or how to use any of the moves for that matter. I'm not sure if it's a glitch in the game, or poor game design.
The look of the game, feel of the game and everything else is great, but it ruins a game when it's hard to get around/takes a long time to get where you want to go. This game needs tweaking.

iceey responds:

Hmm .. I didn't realize, but I'll see if I can clarify that a bit in the game, thanks.
Just for the record, in case anyone else has troubles: to select a monster, click it, or use the 'e' key to circle over nearby monsters. It'll have a red spinning circle under it, to show that it is selected. Any attacks that you use go on the selected monster.

The control is cumbersome. Graphic Is implemented very sweet. Good approach with the avatar design but I would find it fancier if you can make the avatar independently (fur color, fur, face, particularities, etc.). The medals are also beautifully designed.

On the whole very good approach with great potential. Keep it that way :)

iceey responds:

Thank you! I know this is a bit late (I was quite busy, and then after a while had such a bad conscience not checking regularly that I didn't check at all), but do you still remember what you would change about the controls? I'm got so used to them that it makes it hard for me to put myself in the shoes of someone new.
Thank you for your review, and your nice words!