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Reviews for "Paw'D"

Can't give an accurate rating.It says unable to connect to server error #2048. I think it's because of the proxy I have to use at the dormitorty. Any suggestions? I've tried different webproxies but they've got problems with the flashplayer. But it seems to be a good game though.

iceey responds:

That sounds like it would be the dorm - you'll get error #2048 if Flash cannot verify that it's allowed to connect to the server. Since it's part of their security features, the game can't stop Flash from doing that.
Like - if I try to connect to a server, Flash will automatically connect to it first on its own, and expects to receive some specific information back. If it doesn't (because either the dorm blocks it completely, or the proxy sends something different back, such as a login screen), it simply bails with the error you saw. I can't prevent that either by, say, wrapping the entire connection into a proxy-friendly protocol (such as SOCKS) - because even if I did, Flash would still connect on its own first, and expect that specific data back.
As for suggestions - if it happened to me, I'd probably use my smartphone to access the internet over it. I'm not sure if that is an option for you though. If they let you make a VPN tunnel (which I doubt), you could use it to bypass the proxy (but they probably just block everything but the proxy). A third option would be striking a deal with whoever runs to the network there to unblock access to some sites - whether that'll be possible depends on how strict they are, however I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask. Worst thing they can do is say "no", in which case you'd at least know.

Initiating a battle is very clunky at least for warriors. You have to double click on an enemy to attack it which is nearly impossible when you have them bunched up. Using a tech like slash means that when you kill the enemy you targeted you stop attacking leading to frantic clicking trying to get the character to attack the next enemy. This coupled with the lag makes the defense quests very difficult not because you are too weak to complete them just that very often you just dont have a chance to. Even with no one else using my DSL connection lag is still a serious problem leading to an inability to get the 30 second medal in the Choco Treasure Hunt quest at level 25 (!!).
Many of the quests even the ones marked as low level are frustrating due to this and the fact that grinding is essentially the only way to beat certain quests unless you are lucky enough to find a party of people. I am not kidding I spent over 3 hours total grinding up to level 15-23 only to find the next quests in the area around Ashaya were to difficult given the many enemies bunched together

iceey responds:

Thanks for your review! One thing that might help is going to your Options and select "Attack with a single click" under "Combat" - that will make you attack immediately after clicking anything.
You can also press 'E' to circle between enemies (it'll target close monsters first, in particular if they are aggressive or attacking you), and hitting your auto-attack hotkey (1 by default) will make you attack it then. If you have any other preferred way of targeting an enemy, let me know, and I'll add it in!

As for lag, I see that you had packet loss almost each time you played - with some packets arriving up to 60 seconds late (60 391ms on Sep 30) - so I can understand why it's frustrating. If it's not DSL, I can only imagine that it's a problem with wireless. I'll send you a link so you can run a traceroute - maybe we can figure out what's going on.

Pretty fun game, difficult when you're going solo, but with some grinding/luck, it is quite possible. People are talking about lag, I can see, and I agree with them. I myself am not getting really bad lag, but it is sometimes noticable, and my results from /ping are
' Ping Round-Trip-Time (3): 52 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (2): 59 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (1): 49 ms. '

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review! I hope you don't need to grind too much - I do try to add enough quests so you can level just from completing the quests, but my count might have been off. Your ping times are really good, so that's definitely something I have to look into too. How do you see the lag? Does it snap you back - or is it something else you noticed?

Good game.
I only played it a bit, but it was very good.
So I will play this game when I get time, and I will enjoy it.
And of course, I will try to get all the medals.

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review - glad you like it! If you run into any troubles (or glitches), let me know!
(Oh, and good luck on the medals. I'll keep my fingers crossed! ^-^)

ok there is only one thing i have to say... this game rocks omg the best wolf game ever, its eveything i love wolves, adventure, quests. and i already made 2 awesome friends, and my bff Aries is the best. BEST GAME OF LIFE im a level 10 Mage, THANK U ICEEY FOR MAKING A FANTASTIC GAME. and sparky of course he tought me how to get a pet. this game is the best and u dont need a pass all u need is ur newgrounds info. :DDDDDD THANKS U SOOOO MUCH ICEEY UR MY FAVORITE!!!!