Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

It has that strange ability to keep me playing while I thoroughly hate playing it. It´d be more enjoyable if you didn´t have to be held up by that stupid timer before every new level.

Excuse me? I really can't see the appeal in this game... The graphics are nice (not yours, obviously) and the general presentation likewise, but there's really no gameplay to speak of. You run around and shoot stuff for three second intervals. Jesus, did you seriously not consider what a pain in the ass that is? At least let me rewind the timer like Half-Minute Hero.

I also don't like that the upgrades are paper thin, the game is incredibly short, and nothing really has much meaning or purpose. After you beat the game, you aren't given a score or a grade for accuracy. You're running around inside a dungeon map, but as far as I can tell there are no Easter eggs. Come on, you can do better than this.

This game is a good jumping off point also just damn addicting I loved playing it and didnt stop til I won this is a classic time waster thank you i would add more levels and maybe a new character just an expansion becuase its so much fun. good game.

Looks like Realm of the Mad God.

It was hard to use the controls. It was hard to use different buttons to move and click. I didn't understand the deadline factor that much. I was able to get some usage out of the arrow guy. How fitting for me. The music was pretty good.

I guess the graphics could have been better. At least you had a wide open space. This just wasn't enjoyable for me. Well, I'm not into these ten second things. It's not my theme.