Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

i played as the mage and the knight and failed both times i don't really know what to do with these guys

but the archer can make the game too easy as the archer i just ignored everything and only went for barrels chests and bags for money i soon had a big pile of money which i only used on my attack untill it was maxed then by the time i got to the boss i was standing too far away for him to move and attack me so i just needed to stand still and shoot ending the game

i think the same can be done with mage i have not tryed it though

2.5 it not bad but its not good

pretty bad
10 seconds is way to less to explore the whole level

and on the boss stage even when you upgrade your weapon to the max and hit the boss constantly it does not die

just so many major design flaws

I read the description: Interesting, I was not aware that the sprites in this game were created by someone for free user by any developer :)

Guys stop saying that the sprites are copied from Realm Of The Mad God The DOOR and BARREL sprites were never in the game! And many games with these sprites had the Doors And Barrels sprites....There is probably some sort of editor that has these sprites! Now stop hating it just cause of the sprites!

Copied. Copied from The Real of the Mad God.