Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

It has got a nice idea, wich i liked, but i give a half star because really everything except of the game mechanic is copied from Realm of the mad God

This Has The Exact Characters As Realm Of The Mad God! I'd Rather Play Realm Of The Mad God!Why Does This Game Have Three And A Half Stars?!

Orni responds:

Please inform yourself at least for one minute before making such a post + rating
(the sprites aren't made by the 'realm of the mad god creator', but by a guy called Oryx long before that - I'm simply using the same sprite sheet - as do many other games, check 'legends of yore' for example)

Just a copy of Realm of the Mad God. Trash.

u.u no have animation of attack....this game is horrible...

Holy Shit!

This Game Its Horrible!