Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Amazingly designed game given the time constraints and theme you had to work with. The 10 second limit helps the game, rather than hurting it as I've seen in many other entries.

I'd like to state to other commenters that Oryx is the same person who made the art for Realm of the Mad God. There is no theft here.

very good game, great sound, tight control. wish the levels where a lil bit longer. but it was balanced nicley

An impressive, if short game. This would probably have been considerably better if it was around 30 seconds, but given that this was made for a competition and couldn't be longer, it's perfectly fine. On the other hand, the music became repetitive and attacking with the warrior is somewhat confusing.

Just an idea, if you want to stop people claiming "stolen" you might want to edit the flash for a small notice to players before they can start playing. If that wouldn't disqualify you from the Ludum Dare, that is.

And to anyone about to post a review... did you know that making false claims in reviews is against the Newgrounds Review Guidelines? Instead of claiming it's "stolen" here, why don't you consider contacting someone with as many details as possible so you can realize that it's not stolen at all (or if you're beyond hope, so they can ignore you)?

A cute little timespender i have to say.It might not be Revolutionary.Or standard by today's means.But its fun and enjoyable.

these sprites are from a contest stupids...