Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

These sprites were copied of Real of a Mad God!

I enjoyed playing this game. The concept for this game is interesting and original and it was pulled off well. Although the inability to adjust or disable the music and sound is a slight annoyance, it wasn't enough to ruin the experience of playing the game. Also, I once played a side scrolling shooter that used the same sprites by Oryx, but I can't remember that name of it for the life of me. I would search for it, but I don't have the time to efficiently do so right now. If anyone knows the name of the game I am talking about, please send me a message telling me the name of the game. Thank you!

Reminds me of Gauntlet on NES....except this is way harder and gauntlet had extra lives.

It has that strange ability to keep me playing while I thoroughly hate playing it. It´d be more enjoyable if you didn´t have to be held up by that stupid timer before every new level.

It was hard to use the controls. It was hard to use different buttons to move and click. I didn't understand the deadline factor that much. I was able to get some usage out of the arrow guy. How fitting for me. The music was pretty good.

I guess the graphics could have been better. At least you had a wide open space. This just wasn't enjoyable for me. Well, I'm not into these ten second things. It's not my theme.