Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

For some reason it was very laggy and I has a good comp hmm

Great game. Would rate higher but you can't disable sounds nor music.

It's fun, no doubt about it. I didn't know what to do until I realized the intro was basically a character select.

Wizard is by far the easiest for the spreadshots that hits multiple things.

Ranger is moderate due to one arrow, but the damage is significant and fast shots.

Warrior is fucking hard as hell. You don't see where or what he's attacking or how or whatever, and he takes the most damage because he's melee. I have never beaten the game on the warrior since the dragon seems to take no goddamn damage but he destroys the poor guy before time runs out. BITCH PISS. I can see little gray stars indicating the warrior is attacking the dragon... but he only hits him AFTER the dragon hits the warrior. You need to have some kind of visual showing the warrior's attack happening and it's range! The skeleton level is particularly hard because there are soooo many enemies and the warrior just doesn't seem to kill them fast enough. Other classes, breeze right through.

You'd have a great job opportunity over at Sony Online Entertainment. They fuck melee classes over while coddling ranged classes into easy-mode. Forced to face-roll the keyboard and use all the melee skills to survive, requiring the best current gear, while casters need not half the effort to out-damage enemies by clicking one spell.

Cool graphics, even if they aren't yours. It's a fun, fast-paced game, but you have to replay it several times in order to figure out the best path to take for the largest money gain. Nice music, makes you want to jam out and hum to it while playing. And the game is just a few minutes long! But srsly brah, I only gave 2.5 stars due to the shitty balancing. I've had enough of that shit.

i like the fighting thing but the deadlines are what annoy me i mean if it was like 30 seconds instead of 10 then it would be more joy-able so i give it 2.5

not so bad but not so good