Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

either way, this is hard af, but good job

That was a cool easter egg! Error guy

after 78 years of master archery training, i return to once again seek vengeance on the cold, dark, unforgiving game that is Z3lda: Mini Game, I pull back my bow, and miss every time, i ask the dark one to allow me another shot at victory, i am told to fuck off, I walk home disappointed, I could not honor my dead father, brother, mother, sister, grand father, and my father. It will be a cold winter this year goodnight cruel mistress that is the game Z3lda: Mini Game

5 out 5 IGN would egg again

deathink responds:

You are the Dovakin!

Love, but cannot get the glitch medal...tried shooting the guy...something weird happened and then nothing...I had to reset the game. Also the hard 20 shot medal is waaay to fast! I cannot hit anything barely. It's ridiculous! Other than that, great job!

Hard, but fun!