Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

At first glance I thought, "Holy shit, is this the entire Link to the Past game in Flash format ?!" Obviously I was disappointed but that is just because I'm an idiot.

I played around with this on my lunch break and it is just like I remember. I am still horribad at it.

I can't find any reason to take any points off. It is a sound remake. Visuals, sound, movement etc are all spot on.

Well done. I'm sure Miyamoto won't mind.

ROFLMAO I accidently shot the game owner dude with a arrow everything became static and then his face showed up and I was like uhoh and then I get a wall of text saying hes error and hes gonna find me L0DRAK. lol how did he even know my name?

I shot the guy and pissed myself. Very well put together game. Felt like I was young back when I had a gameboy color. Note to anyone new to this game don't shoot the guy after giving him money just don't do it.


Awesome. I rarely give ratings for the games I play on Newgrounds, but this one gets a five star rating from me. I love that perfect pixel-by-pixel replication of the environment, and this deserves to be part of the main series games, with all that you added challenge-wise.

I enjoyed your game, and perfected my shooting so I could get enough "sure shots" to fill the LIFE
meter to entirety. I obtained every medal. Thank you again for this wonderful game.

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man, I slaved over every detail to make sure it looked and felt exactly like the original.