Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

My favorite Zelda minigame in flash form!

I can get a lot of Rupees quickly in LttP playing this minigame, and now I can do the same on Newgrounds. Thanks for making this!

Simply fantastic! Really fun and simple at the same time. Medals can keep busy for some time.
Also, to get the RUDE medal, you have to talk to the guy who sells you arrows when you have less than 20 rupees.

Great game! I almost got all the Medals but i cannot seem to find out how ro unlock the RUDE medal if anyone could comment on that for me thx


To get the glitch medal you need to move diagonally. I think it is a reference to the fact that this was impossible on the original Nintendo systems.

I've gotten every medal except the glitch medal. How do I get the glitch medal?

Incidentally, the first time I talked to the thief guy in the house when I had a lot of rupees and he said "I AM ERROR!" the game froze. Naturally I thought that was supposed to happen.